Hey Everyone! I’m back with my another creation extracted from my hobby 🙂

Its a poem called Addicted’. And don’t mind telling me if you don’t like it ( also tell me even if you like it!).

Remember those days,
When we sat on the river shore,
No rules, No ways,
We wanted nothing more…

When I looked deep into your eyes,
I would feel the calmness,
The depth of the blue ocean,
The breeze and its coolness…

The wind finding its way through your hair,
The moonlight shining on your face,
You seemed to be a fairy,
Just by God’s grace…

I took your hand in mine,
And felt the softest touch,
You closed your eyes and breathe in the moment,
I felt the same, more and much…

The whole place looked like heaven,
And the world stood still,
Some words were spoken, carried by the air,
Some empty spaces were filled…

Now when I think about those days,
I recollect the happy memories from them,
Now I know how much Addicted I was,
To you, my precious gem…


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