Railroad blues

what’s the railroad to me?
you ask

I never go to see
where it ends.
where it takes all the

on what corners does
it bend?

from all I know
and from what the
greats say
you find out
as you walk along
the way

it’s not the end
it’s right now, the wind
that’s blowing
I love it enough
to bear

with the not knowing.

There’s no right way

decisions must be made
in dark alleys
of wishes and regrets,
leaving behind many
who he’ll never be able
to walk with.

the thought of choosing
makes his heart
left or right,
fast or slow,
right or wrong.

there’s no right way,
honey. there is no
right way…

so instead,
he closes his eyes,
opens his
bleeding heart,
takes a drag
of the city
and his people
and exhales long and slow

let the smoke rings
decide the way
to go.