my heart has a place that is
never going to be filled.

you have that too.

and you will know it.

during your worst time,
and especially
during your best times

you will know
more than ever.

and we will together wait

in that space.

that’s all we can do.

Someday I will…


Set aside a minute right now and do this.

Grab a pen, and piece of paper, and then write down a handful of meaningful things you’ve been intending to do.

Label this list “Someday”:

Read a classic novel.
Declutter your home.
Get into shape.
Ask him/her out.
Take a road trip.
Play an instrument.
Start a business.
Join a yoga class.
Fall in love.

Now, on the back of that same sheet of paper, list every action that has occupied your last 24 hours.

Label this list “Today”:

Attending meetings.
Doing some important work.
Checking email.
Watching game of thrones.
Pursuing social media.
Sitting in traffic.
Hitting the snooze button.
Working late again.
Switching among useless apps.
Staring passively at a glowing screen.

Sure, many of the items on this second list are necessary or urgent.

But just because something is urgent doesn’t mean it’s worthwhile.

For most of us, “someday” is the most dangerous word we use: it grants us the illusion of future possibility without having to focus on that which is important today.

Just imagine, how different your life would be if your lists switched titles?

Or worse, what if you wait?

Years from now you will be sitting around pining for someday to arrive someday…

I will wait

it may take longer than usual
or maybe
it will speed up
but when there’s no idea
of what “usual” is
even a moment seems like
eyes keep
glancing at the clock
with seconds ticking away
the whole story
running past me
the hands still sway
left to right
as the time passes
i’ve heard
time heals it all
and when the time has done its job
at the end of the tunnel
where you feel
the light growing on you
that light
will be me
for you
for time to do its job
just follow the light
after that
as it leads
to where you’ve always wanted to be
but till then
i will wait
i will wait..