The Road less taken…

Hello everyone! A very good morning to all of you.

Like every new WordPress user, I’ve been wondering for almost 3 days what to write in my first post. And this happens with everyone, when you are least aware or conscious about what to write, suddenly an idea comes to your mind! And same happened with me.

Here I am, going to describe what happens when one day you wake up, earlier than everyone, and go to some unknown places, discovering exquisite things and are left embracing Nature’s beauty!

Just like everyday, I walked up to my store room and caught a glimpse of my old cycle, which has been left undisturbed for 2 years. In another  moment, I called up one of my best friends and we decided to go on a cycle trip next morning!

Though its difficult to wake up at 5 in the morning when you have the habit of sleeping till 8 Am, but still we managed to do that and on our way we were, when my friend asked, ” But where are we going!”. And I was like “I don’t know !”

Still we keep on going where the road was taking us, and then 2 paths were in front of us, One a well-built and nice-for-riding type and Another was broken, not-at-all-built type, and we took the path less taken.

Today, we are glad that we took it, and I’m sure you’ll also be after you see what we saw that day! Here you go…

One of the best sunrise I've ever saw...

Delighted by the sunrise, we move on and on, and…!

Flying away, in their own way...
nice...isnt it ? 😉
beacuse of these, we were there..!
obviously the road less taken !
Njoying, isnt he ? 😉

Hope you’ll also take some time out and go on to discover the unknown places of your city…..Believe me, its worth it !