a poem

i used to be a story
mystifying people
with my existence
leaving them
wondering what’s at the end
with questions
lots of misguiding answers
at times
this story had different
colors of seasons
doodling of emotions
in someone else’s life
completely irrelevant
this story had it all

but then
it all became short
no bullshit
no colors
there was no one
to doodle
there wasn’t any mystery
just things
to ponder upon
words, that don’t tell
but ask
what is it
that you make of us
not secretive
but not revealing anything

& all of a sudden
the change
sorted them out
the ones who understood
the truth
of those words
and others who looked out
for thrill in the stories
swayed away

for that story has
now become
a poem.

Erased Memories

Everybody please! This one is really abstract, so please let me know what are your interpretations after reading this…I would love to know!


At night when I wake up,

I see you asleep,

Lost in your beautiful,

Yet horrifying dreams down deep,

I can feel your breath,

I can touch your heart,

Yet you can’t feel me,

It always breaks me apart,

I’ve been into this habit,

Long enough for now,

Still can’t control myself,

I don’t know how,

To wake you up,

And make you realize,

That nothing is changed,

And you’re still alive,

I sit besides you,

Looking at your beautiful face,

It still is the same,

But it lost the time’s race,

Looks like it happened yesterday,

When we first met,

The scent that you wore,

Still lingers in my head,

Suddenly the Sun rises,

And I wish to wake you up,

My hands won’t let me,

But I won’t give up,

I’ll come again tonight,

I’ll be there by your side,

I wish I could stay forever,

But it’s time for me to say goodnight…

Dead memories