You’re not perfect

I’ve seen that many people allow emotions to get the best of them.

When there’s really no room for emotions in the big leagues.

Passion? Yes. That’s different.

But being clouded by the insecurities is a huge vulnerability.

That’s what I think and have seen around me.

So instead of dwelling on our shortcomings, I instinctively feel we should focus
our time and triple down on our strengths and passion.

Because we all have so many shortcomings.

No one’s perfect.

No one.

Not even you.

So stop acting like one.

A person

Sometimes it’s good to be vulnerable instead of showing your strengths.

Sometimes it’s about finding your thing. And doing your thing. And doing what nobody else is doing.

But most of the time it’s about being you. A real person. A real human being.

So every once in a while be a person.

And not just another brand.

No, you don’t

You don’t have to be the next Steve Jobs.

You don’t have to create a billion dollar company.

You don’t have to become a scientist.

Or a doctor.

Or a mechanic.

Or live in a fancy house.

Or buy a Ferrari.

You just have to be YOU.

And be self-aware.

And bet on your strengths.

You might be the next Steve Jobs.

You might create a billion dollar company.

And some of you might become scientists.

But most of us won’t.

And that’s perfectly fine.

As long as you know who YOU are and you try everything you can to do YOUR thing.