No, you don’t

You don’t have to be the next Steve Jobs.

You don’t have to create a billion dollar company.

You don’t have to become a scientist.

Or a doctor.

Or a mechanic.

Or live in a fancy house.

Or buy a Ferrari.

You just have to be YOU.

And be self-aware.

And bet on your strengths.

You might be the next Steve Jobs.

You might create a billion dollar company.

And some of you might become scientists.

But most of us won’t.

And that’s perfectly fine.

As long as you know who YOU are and you try everything you can to do YOUR thing.

Here’s to the crazy ones…

“The world is a big playground,
Ultimately they win, but never without wounds,
Always take the unknown steps,
Never ever care about the rep,
Even when they get hit on the face,
They get up with even more grace,
Fight till they are a shining sun,
Here’s to the crazy ones…”