The Unknown Path…

Hey everyone! Back with another of my written piece of poetry, this one talks about the unknown path, the dreams of a person and his beliefs in themnjOy!

The vision, its far away, But belief is still alive,

Hoping to conquer everything, Willing to dig deep and dive…

To many of the living beings, The vision seems superficial,

But few of them only know, Its possible, not artificial…

The dream of only one, Not all dare to dream,

Waiting to be reality, Its my bejewelled queen…

Standing on the starting line, Unknown path waits for me,

It stands in the pride, Only few have traveled before me…

They say it has obstacles, But I say they’re hidden opportunities,

Waiting there, just to be discovered, By someone who has started his journey…

Though it maybe a bit tough,

Still it leads me to my dream,

The seeds of dream reaped deep inside,

Waiting to be a fully grown tree…

How to feed unknown cats!

I know the title seems strange! But yes, I’ll truly tell you how to do that. I’ve been doing that for a while now. I found a cat outside my door one day, with little hungry eyes! So I decided why not give something to her.

As I went inside to grab something for her, she was on her feet with her tongue sticking out!

So here are the steps:

1. Find a cat! (You’ll surely want to do that to feed her)

2. Get her some milk and put it in front of her. And then back away a little.

3. Get your cam and shoot some nice close-ups of the beautiful creature in front of you!

4. As the wildness increases, you get more stunning shots!

5. Wait for her, as she calms down after finishing all the milk.

So you are done feeding the unknown cat! Simple, isn’t it? So go on and try it, and maybe you get some of the nice cam shots which are worth giving away some milk 😉