Unwanted Goodbyes…

Goodbyes have their own meanings,

For everyone who ever say,

Sometimes they mean joyous farewells,

But sometimes they never let you go away…

This is what she wanted badly at the moment,

She feared of the upcoming lonely hours,

He too wished of that but was helpless,

In front of his face there’s a war…

A message in the morning came trembling the place,

Her senses told it was an invitation from hell,

Her visions of future drowned in her stream of tears,

Her heart wept but she wouldn’t fell…

His heart was brave and full of courage,

But today he didn’t have any control,

He tried real hard but emotions won,

In her arms she held his soul…

Fighting the tears and believing in love,

Physically he broke the bond of their life,

No words were spoken thereafter,

Only the grieve of loneliness in her eyes…

As he marched towards his troops,

He made up his mind for the war,

He had the skills and vision for the kill,

But he couldn’t see the fields that laid afar…

Her sparkling eyes kept coming to his mind,

Her memoirs haunted him at night,

Her essence was what he needed the most,

In his darkness she was the only ray of light…

She stood there on the door,

Her legs stuck to the ground,

Her eyes in the hope of his returning back,

Wishing he would turn around…

Letting the tear to roll on her cheeks,

She turned back lost in his thoughts,

Her feet dragged over the lonely swords,

Reminding of the battles he had fought…

Her legs surrendered and fear took over,

She lost any control she had,

Will he ever come back or just fade away,

Into the desert of unknown nothingness…