Let’s move forward

One step at a time. That’s how it’s done. That’s what I’ve been hearing all my life. Nobody told me what to do when you are stuck at one place. What are you supposed to do when you don’t know where to put the next step? I went to school for 15 years of my life. Never did anyone, and I mean not even a single person, talked about this. I still sometimes wonder why they don’t teach this stuff. I guess they themselves don’t know. Maybe they are stuck too.

But fortunately, life is a good teacher. It teaches you everything, using practical examples. Few of those still hurt. Physically and emotionally. But it goes on. Lessons are learnt. And among those lessons, I discovered something. Something Fun. Exciting. Scary. Risky. Worth it. Along my journey, I’m learning how to keep moving. Even after I’m stuck at the same place. Or with the same thing. A friend of mine told me, if you don’t get what you really want, think of it as something that happened to you which is good for you. How? Because there’s something better waiting to happen to you.

I laughed.

I asked him, what if I really want it and not the 2.0 version that’s in store for me?

Trust me, you don’t really want it. You deserve better. That’s what he replied.

Sometimes people do make sense. Not practically. But in another dimension of this mystical world. It’s hard to understand them but when you experience what they said to you a while ago, it all makes sense in a perfecto way. Same happened with me. I listened to my dear mate, and it was worth it.

We all deserve better. But we still keep on chasing things we think are best for us. If you’ve put your side of effort, and you still get nowhere, just let it go. This is not giving up. This is striving for better. As simple as that. Let it go. It might come back to you later, but the chances are that the 2.0 version is already in store for you. And when you realize it, in that exact moment, the smile on your face will say it all. You’ll be glad. And happy. Truly happy.

Different people call this by different names. Moving on. Progress. Advancement. Take off. Blah blah blah.

I like to keep it simple. Let’s keep having fun.