i bundle myself in the
arms of mist. i have a
faded scarf with
your smell in it.

did you leave the scarf
knowing I’d sniff it
almost endearingly?

that scent
that takes my mind back
to the times
that come back
with a sense of loss.
when I was living
besides the calm waves
and the arms of summer
trapped me in the
scorching lullabies of
your every breath.

somehow the seasons
have lost their way
and forgotten to call out
your name. my raw heart
beats against the fog
and this city cries
for a lost loss.

you will be here. and your
name will keep on
unifying the wait.

Three More

so the weather, huh?

of course it’s pleasant
but not all year round
us is the weather
we must look forward to
as the seasons are forever bound

to the very nature
of stay, like lovers’ ways
the nights they warm
in the january blues
under the showers dry as a day

together we deem greater than
what seasons ever mean
we’re everything less than
the bittersweet skies, and more than
their love has ever seen.


Three More


cold shivered deep in my bones
you also got a hang of it,
your ears turned red.

I always thought how the chill
that numbed our faces
was a different temperature to both of us;
you felt winter in the dawn of spring.

lately you’ve been sharing it,
without slicing the knife
through the air of silence,
making your core warm like summer.

Your reflection in the rainy puddles is just as distorted as
your way of thinking.


You’ve got magic in your hands and love in your heart.

Remember walking through the park accompanied with the humid air heated up to its limit. The sensation of the sun burning against the back reminded of the harsh times. The shade was the desire that didn’t take long to fulfill. As you sat down under the comfort of green, it all changed. Suddenly, the green was gone and it was all red and brown and yellow.

The green was gone, and so was the usual nature and the constancy of the beloved star. The mood swings got better and changes became hard to embrace. Still, there was the same wind, which just flew differently now. Same sun, which now shone when he felt like. No more boredom for him.

There were feeling now. Emotions. Here and there. The weather started to play with emotions. Emotions of different kinds. Some were drowning in their dripping drops, while others were trying their best to survive through the storm.

And so can you.

You’ve got magic in your hands and love in your heart.