Sometimes I write stupid stuff

And sometimes I write smart stuff.

But it doesn’t really matter.
You know why?

Because people don’t remember stupid stuff.

Right people.

Most of them don’t even notice.
Even if they do, they’ll stop reading it.

That’s it.

People only remember the smart stuff you do.
They will only remember your successes.
They won’t remember your failures.

Your successes are what people will talk about.
Not your failures.

People care about the good stuff.

Right people.

We talk about Steve Jobs’ successes.
Or Maya Angelou. Oprah. Elon Musk. Ratan Tata. John Lennon.

We talk about the good things they did.
How they changed the world for good.
How influential they were in our lives.

Not about their failures.
Not about people who spread violence or hatred.

Only the smart stuff.

And that’s the beauty of it all.

Whatever you do, you need to get it right only once.
And when you get it right once, everything else doesn’t matter.