Wishes, regrets and humans

We only live one time and we don’t act like it.

Ask the next old person you see this: “Tell me about your life.”

And chances are, almost all of them, every single one of them, is going to start with
“I wish…”

They all wished.

They wished they worked harder.

They wished they spent more time with their families.

They wished they didn’t listen to their parents and did what they wanted to do.

They wished. They wished. They wished.

The biggest poison inside us is regret.

And all the excuses you tell yourself for those regrets, are just excuses.

If anybody ever did it, then you can do it too.

It’s that simple.

Fault is mine

the truth is
that the fault is

i wished
to touch the moon
at every chance
i got

asked for the sky
when i still
stood on the ground

hoped that
the flowers will
grow on rocks

every night
for fragrance in

longed for fire
to cool me

kept looking for
warmth in
the land of

that every single
dream i ever had
will come

i was destined
to be

and the truth is
the fault is


Someday I will…


Set aside a minute right now and do this.

Grab a pen, and piece of paper, and then write down a handful of meaningful things you’ve been intending to do.

Label this list “Someday”:

Read a classic novel.
Declutter your home.
Get into shape.
Ask him/her out.
Take a road trip.
Play an instrument.
Start a business.
Join a yoga class.
Fall in love.

Now, on the back of that same sheet of paper, list every action that has occupied your last 24 hours.

Label this list “Today”:

Attending meetings.
Doing some important work.
Checking email.
Watching game of thrones.
Pursuing social media.
Sitting in traffic.
Hitting the snooze button.
Working late again.
Switching among useless apps.
Staring passively at a glowing screen.

Sure, many of the items on this second list are necessary or urgent.

But just because something is urgent doesn’t mean it’s worthwhile.

For most of us, “someday” is the most dangerous word we use: it grants us the illusion of future possibility without having to focus on that which is important today.

Just imagine, how different your life would be if your lists switched titles?

Or worse, what if you wait?

Years from now you will be sitting around pining for someday to arrive someday…

All in

A lot of people wait for the right set of cards to go all in.

A lot of people wait for the right time to go all in.

Or the right situation.

In life.

Only to end up never having played a single hand.

Whenever someone asks me when will I stop doing whatever it is I do, I tell them this:

Alright, I don’t say this to my mom or dad. So don’t tell them I said this.

But it’s all about creating an environment where you can go all in. And once you create that environment you should go all chips in.

But how do you know if your hand is good enough? How do you know you’ll be able to push through tough times? How do you know if this is your time to go all in?

I guess you need to ask yourself this:

“Are you going to regret NOT going all in in future?”

“Are you going to WISH that you should have taken that offer?”

“Or said YES to that guy/girl?”

“Or changed your life with a single decision but you didn’t?”

If your answer is NO, then you should not go all in. Work and wait for better set of cards instead. Improve the environment.

But if your answer is yes, then you should take all your chips and go all in.

And never look back.

Because of all the words of mice and men, the saddest are, “It might have been.”

red, black and the blues

I met a little gypsy
in a fortune-telling place
she read my mind
and then she slapped my face.

if it wasn’t
for bad luck
I wouldn’t have no luck at all
I’ve been down
so long
it feels like up to me after all.

I saw a broom drearily
sweeping up
the broken pieces of yesterday’s life
a queen is weeping
somewhere a king has no wife.

when she’s sad
she comes to me
a thousand smiles, I give to her for free
its alright
I say its alright
take anything you want from me.

I tried to give her
when her old man had let her down
like a fool, I fell in love
with her,
turned my whole world upside down.

I’m not gonna give up
on love
love’s not gonna give up on me
every tear I cried
only washed away the fear inside
it’s not hard, can’t you see?

I’ll wait
in this place
where the sun never shines
in this place
where my shadow runs from mine.

but when
my earthly trails
are over
carry my body out in the sea
save all the
mortician bills
and let the mermaids flirt with me.


down by the lake by the trees
where everybody goes to be alone
where you won’t see
the rising sun
down to the end we will run.

I can tell from your eyes
you’ve been by the lakeside
last night
to clear your head
or listen to your mind
in the air
as thin as the crescent moon.

you’re more than
just the piano dust
resting pitifully against the keys
and though it ticked feverishly
beneath your silk palms,
you dared not answer those red wires.

what happened wasn’t so bad
and though the past
is dead
yet somehow, we’re static,
the soul’s still not buried
but eventually
as the time goes by
and we near
the end
the shadows might
settle over
leaving only the memories


when the day ends
my eyes will close
and I will no longer
see things as they were

silence will speak
and only few will

and I will dream
with memories,
with no regrets of time before,
no worry of what shall transpire.

for I will be breathless

and one with a song
that gave birth
to my knowing.