Just a few moments

I wanted to
spend some time
with the universe,
the stars and

hear their stories
and animate those
words to
every soul I lay
my eyes upon.

but there was
this fear of
moving in that direction
for I may lose
what I have now
and not find anything
except loneliness.

I took
that forbidden path anyway
and realized, all
I wanted
is to drag the time
out for
a few moments.

Hello, it’s me

you are a caffeinated disgrace
a living cliche wearing blood-chromed clothes
you ironical being
keeping count
of your second-hand, original ideas
carrying your thoughts
stuffed into your pockets
and speaking your mind to
anyone, not everyone
the unfinished longings that tumble down
the endless pages you never finished
painstakingly jumbled together
into clever disarray
to make sense.

Come ride with me

Your eyes inspire metaphors,
a poet’s tool of choice
for holding open invisible doors,
enough to hear, believe,
the voice you whisper
on the other side.

Come ride with me,
a long drive will be the best,
and leather seats
will be impressed,
by deep glazed breaths and youthful flesh,
as rhymes, colorful faces,
sighs and kisses,
escape from every lip.