pine street.

At the stoplight waiting for the light
hand upon hand
san francisco nine a.m.
we witness the rushed streets
coming to life
bright yellow garbage trucks
with garbagemen in fluorescent blazers
an elegant mercedes
with an elegant couple
remote controlled skateboards
and hip backpacks.

Across the whole world
in the ocean
of this democracy
I stand with you
and the red light for an instant
holding us all close together
in a gravitational composition.
I look at you
as if anything at all is possible.


You can’t feel the pain,

Until you see the bribers making gain,

You can’t feel the light,

Until you pull yourself out from the fight,

You won’t even remember,

What is new in this day,

‘Coz you never got time,

To climb out from your old and stupid ways,

That’s why we fight for ourselves,

For truth and not your lies,

‘Coz this is the thing,

That you can’t deny,

Just leave all those rights,

And let them find,

Their true owners,

Who just piss themselves all day and night…

You can’t even hold the hand,

Of your people stuck in sand,

Your pockets are full of dirt,

But we still don’t have a shirt,

You’ll make this world so great,

That only you’ll live in it,

But you won’t remember one thing,

That thats’s where we used to sit,

That’s why we fight for ourselves,

For truth and not your lies,

‘Coz these are the things,

That you can’t deny,

We’re the sons of war,

And we will defy,

You of every peace and freedom,

We’ll make you cry…