Thank You

Looking at all the old photographs on Facebook, I realized why we use it. To keep the memories alive. To read those funny comments again and again. To tag the friends I unusual pictures because of an inside joke. To make ourselves remember that past was fun.

That’s how I look at it.

All the way from my last day at school to the very first day of college ( or Colleges! ). I’ve been very lucky because I’ve got friends like those. And reading their greetings and wishes remind me of all the awesome time we spent together. Everybody was different, and yet, they shared the same common connection and bond. Thanks to you guys. Because of you, I dreamt big. Because of you, I made it. Many people ask me how did you get into or stuff like that. I just tell them the procedure. Because I really can’t tell them the real thing. It’s not just a matter of giving exams. You’ve got to have someone to go all the way with you. You’ve got to have someone to help you with your dreams. What really matters is the years that went by and the people who helped you.

Because without them, you’re all alone. But with them, You’re the KING! And I guess you’ll agree me on this one, that a King has the power to do anything!

Thanks you Guys