the person I never wanted to be

I run out of dimes
to purchase words
to rhyme
and so still flows
the time
that I can hear
fearless cries going
faint, gliding in the
air, like a ghost of
distant past
and the moment’s truth
that is never going
to last
and I end up
sitting, on the surface
just a stone’s throw away
from an empty
hallway, where red lights blaze
and the eyeballs glaze
over the lit up moments
that got away
from my reach
as I turn into
the person, I never
wanted to be.

All night

i stayed up all night
reading your poetry.

the earthly brew
and the old and
faithful few
gathered together in
the sky to
mystify your
existence, your every breath.

5 cups down,
and my eyes drown
in the sea of senseless
fear, and words
and blurred images.

i stayed up all night
reading your poetry
and i still don’t know what
you look like.

A person

Sometimes it’s good to be vulnerable instead of showing your strengths.

Sometimes it’s about finding your thing. And doing your thing. And doing what nobody else is doing.

But most of the time it’s about being you. A real person. A real human being.

So every once in a while be a person.

And not just another brand.