Stories – Day 2 -The monk who sold her mopet

In case you don’t know about the book mentioned, check it out here. It’s pretty good.

I once wanted an escape and recharge myself like the monk who sold his Ferrari and be in nature, detox emotionally and physiologically. And read and blog.
I am in Sweden being the monk who sold her mopet and doing exactly what I wanted. Never give up on dreams but never wish for pain. The world has lot to offer in that field already
God bless!


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There’s no right way

decisions must be made
in dark alleys
of wishes and regrets,
leaving behind many
who he’ll never be able
to walk with.

the thought of choosing
makes his heart
left or right,
fast or slow,
right or wrong.

there’s no right way,
honey. there is no
right way…

so instead,
he closes his eyes,
opens his
bleeding heart,
takes a drag
of the city
and his people
and exhales long and slow

let the smoke rings
decide the way
to go.

Hello, it’s me

you are a caffeinated disgrace
a living cliche wearing blood-chromed clothes
you ironical being
keeping count
of your second-hand, original ideas
carrying your thoughts
stuffed into your pockets
and speaking your mind to
anyone, not everyone
the unfinished longings that tumble down
the endless pages you never finished
painstakingly jumbled together
into clever disarray
to make sense.


We spent
so much time
the blinding lights

trying to live those
shiny dreams

trying to understand
and find love

through the shadows exposed
on the streets

through the strangers dancing
to our beats

in between
unknown bed sheets

that we let each other
slip through the
only moment
that was truly ours

somewhere in between
running from the past
and hoping
for a future together
in a way
that is


I don’t want to be a pilot

(this is a fictional account of a kid in Middle-East Asia suffering the drone attacks from the US)


i did my homework
for the day,
can I now go out
and play?

dad doesn’t let me
run on the streets,
i miss those games
and all my fleet

there’s a bad bird
he once told me about,
who flies in the sky
and makes everyone shout

i never see the bird
all it looks like
is a plane,
i wanted to fly one
until one day
when i saw someone in pain

he asked me to run
to hide myself
he never told me why,
but whenever i see
the plane again
it reminds me of your agonizing cry

did it also hurt you?
dad never told me
did you ask him not to tell?
i wish you could answer
or even read this letter
i want to show you i learned how to spell

i’ll come back soon
and visit your grave
and like i promised, stay away from the riots,
it’s time to sleep
and pray for peace
and i promise i’ll never be a pilot

one last time

I fought myself
to put those words down
on paper, I let it
go but in the end
it all came back around.

some tears were shed
with marks still left
on the now unimportant piece
of paper, but I fought
myself to write
it all down.

I forgot the bad
the good
let it flow
through me,
forgot the pain and
ignorance caused by
the deep
hazel blue sea.

of emotions and yet
the ignorance was
back it stuck
like a wall,
after all this
work and time
didn’t matter
at all.

The Evil Twin

Seen you walking under the carpet of stars,

Holding hands with him, going far,

Moon light was enough to blind,

Was he unaware or were you too kind?

Why don’t you walk far away,

But instead you just let him say,

You pull him close, won’t let him go,

Why hide the pain that you plan to throw?

Those close breaths fill your moments,

Big promises satisfy your pride,

Soft tender touches fulfill your needs,

What about the things you hide?

Nobody’s watching you doing that,

Even the one who is being harassed,

Too blinded he is by the feeling he has,

Like nobody felt before but you’ll still mess,

Just waiting for the love to kill slowly,

You’re too used to commit this sin,

So easy for you to smile and carry on,

It’s not you, it’s your evil twin..

There wasn’t any…

I forgot, I let it pass,

I missed, didn’t let it last,

I parted, I changed my ways,

I faked it, like they say,

What’s still with me is,

The way you made me feel,

How much you wanted me,

My wishes, you had them fulfilled,

You might have gone away,

You might come back again,

But all these nights and days,

I promise you,

There wasn’t any pain,

There wasn’t any pain…