Breaking the Habit…….Tonight !

Hi everyone!

In my last post, I referred to the Burden of Originality. I highly appreciate those who read it. And in this one, I’ll try to propose how do we break our all-too-comfortable habit of behaving like a sheep in a herd of people!


In my last post, one of my subscriber made me realize that I missed some crucial points, like

How, given all the influences that sway people (young and old) to behave like sheep, can we break them of that all-too-comfortable habit of following the leader?

Definitely We can’t rely on the same vehicles that put peoples’ independent minds to sleep (TV, social media critics, teachers). So who can we rely on?

To answer this, we should rely on ourselves, our inner selves, rather than on somebody else.

To break this all-too-comfortable habit of accepting everything and following others, I recommend we all should:

1. Stop And Think

Don’t let the other people or your friends control you. Have you own mind working and decide what you like rather than staying firm on their choices.

2. Start Standing Up To Others

Ever tried saying no ? When others asked you to do things you are not comfortable, be comfortable in saying no. You surely want to live your life your way, not theirs! And this very helpful because it also stops your habit of blaming others and you start to take responsibility of things around you! If you enjoy doing certain thing then do them. But if your friends want it to do, and you don’t like it, then try refusing politely, because even if you do it, it won’t lookk good and there’ll be no fun too!

3. Start Suggesting Things

Instead of going along with someone else’s plan, try suggesting yours. Unleash your mind-work and dazzle them with your creativity. Become a leader and not a follower! In this way, they’ll start to follow you and also start liking you.

4. Be Charismatic!

Be friendly and show your nice side to friends and other people who look up to you for help. Practice a good judgement and most people will come up to you for some advice and moreover, you’ll build some strong relationships with them, which are very helpful in the long run!

We can’t rely on anyone for our choices. Everyone has his/her mind, and all minds are alike! So we have to know what we like and need not be influenced by others around us. We have to be a leader of ourselves and we need no title to do that! So Break the Habit tonight and live freely the way you want to, without being affected by others’ choices!

The Burden Of Originality

‎”The burden of originality is one that most people don’t want to accept. They’d rather sit in front of the TV and let that tell them what they’re supposed to like, what they’re supposed to buy, and what they’re supposed to laugh at.” – Marilyn Manson

Hi everyone!

Isn’t the title little somewhat awkard? Well, thats the truth nowadays…

Most of the people don’t have their own understanding of what they like and what they don’t. They are very much affected by the others opinion and of course our lovely idiot box, the TV!

Now how I reached this conclusion? Because I’ve been observing this for a while now! Recently, Linkin Park launched their new album, A Thousand Suns, which was entirely different work from what they’re known for. But when I read the reviews of album on different websites, I was kinda shocked when I read users comments. A single person writes some crap about it, 2 more support him, and all others are affected by them and don’t have their own views!

And its the case not only with this particular thing, ask people what music do they like or what shows they see on TV or something like that, and most of them come up with answers that goes with majority, and most likely they’ll tell you their choice which is not exactly theirs!

This is the same thing like this one,

Imagine a classroom of 50 students, and a teacher is teaching them. 1 child don’t understand a certain thing but he is afraid to stand up and ask because he thinks that what will other think of him! kinda funny but true 🙂

So he accepts what is being taught, rather than speaking his own mind…

Similarly when you ask someone what kind of music he likes, he maybe liking Rock, but a part of his mind says to him, ” dude, rock is out n pop is in, go with it!” and so he goes with it, which should really be avoided!

So Have your own choices and Live the way you are, because Life is too short to live it by other’s choices. Make your own and rock it!