The road less traveled

as i walked through the woods,
the leaves were dead on the ground,
alone in the silence, long i stood,
i questioned my heart if i could,
since he knew only where i was bound,

i felt the seasons passing away,
in infinite colors they disguised,
and though the mornings equally lay,
the time wasn’t enough to wait another day,
my desire was highly prized,

i searched ahead, and to my sides,
i cried out for a shadow but all in vain,
no steps had trodden back, no guides,
only the leaves speaking of how they died,
moving on didn’t feel like a gain,

but though the path didn’t look fair,
and options were many, but i-
i carried on and became more aware,
left the footprints for who i care,
i kept traveling on the road less traveled by


seems like yesterday
i was up and coming
in a place

where the sky wasn’t
this big
and the strings
swayed the mortals
who believed
in their fate
hanging by the limbs
of an ancient tree
of life

where the herd
blew the individuality
and the monarchs
led the way
to an alluring
yet disdain future

where loneliness
when not desired
comes easily
but in times of need
it shies away

nothing much has changed
but me and the days
for now it seems like

but yesterday
it was