The way of living

“To be a Manchester United player, that carries a responsibility. You fight, never give in, even on days when it’s not happening for you, you still have to try.”

– Peter Schmeichel, the great Dan

I guess it can apply to everyone. Well said Sir Peter. Well said.

You are a teacher…..yes YOU!

I just realized something…Everyone in this world is a teacher! Not literally everyone is teaching in a school or a university, but everyone is still a teacher. Now how can everyone be a teacher? Don’t we need other people also in this world? Yes, there are a lot of occupations in this planet but the one I’m talking about is not an occupation. Recently I was reading a blog on how to do something that matters, and I read these lines,

“The simple process goes something like this:

  1. Know yourself. Wake up to your talents, your strengths, the things you love and hate.
  2. Use it to help others in a meaningful way.
  3. Offer a fair price in exchange for your help (or work with a person or company already having the impact you want to have).”

If you look at these lines closely and carefully, you’ll understand what I mean. Its saying to know your talents, help others, and earn some money! Think for a while, that’s what teacher do. They are good at their own subjects. They help their students. And they earn some good money too!  And not just teachers, every occupation in this world do the same thing. They help people and earn money.

So doesn’t that make this world a place full of teachers where everyone is helping each other, even if it is to earn money? Lawyers, doctors, engineers, burger guys, cleaners, and everyone you can think of is teaching and helping everyone around them. Now the fact that they are teaching everyone around them doesn’t sound so logical, right? How are they teaching?

Teaching is what occurs when you help someone. When you help someone, you teach that person how to do that job. Even if you don’t do that, like some would say that if a doctor performs a surgery, he is not teaching his patient how to do a surgery, and that’s right also! But he’s teaching far more important things than just doing a surgery. He’s teaching him that there are people in this world willing to help him. Your each and every action is teaching someone something. This is a really, really important thing than anything else. Because that teaching doesn’t stop at him learning it, it continues on and on to other people as well. It’s a kind of chain reaction, but this time, it’s not a harmful one!

Everyone is a teacher in his/her own way….So what are you teaching to this world? 😀

thank you!

Heaven….I found it!

Yes, it’s true! I found it…I did it. I’m seriously not kidding! And I really want those two guys to know this, who wasted my hour preaching me about Jesus and telling me what to do if I want to go to heaven. Obviously I’m not against Jesus or any religion or their beliefs, but seriously guys, you don’t go to heaven just by doing those things. I wondered if heaven existed in real! How do you know for sure?

And then I found it. Today while talking to my friend in India, my home sweet home, I was telling him about the college here, the atmosphere, all the other important stuff! He was in awe and exclaimed, “Looks like you’re in heaven!”.

And i was like, “Maybe..!”

But then I realized, I was in heaven. Not because of the atmosphere or the college or the new things I was experiencing, but because of the people. In fact I was born in heaven and was living it for the past 20 years. Damn, it took so long to me to realize this!

People around you are the only reason this place is heaven. They make this place like heaven. But what does it look like?

Let me give you some examples:

Heaven is in Sarah, the most energetic and excited girl I’ve ever met. It’s in my math professor, who not only teaches but also go rock-climbing with you. It’s in your new friend who hugs you tightly on his birthday and says, “You’re the first friend I had in college.” It’s in all the strangers who holds the door open for you so you can get in before them. It’s in the students who help you get involved in the activities going on around. It’s in a guy who helps you with all the application process without having met you in real life. It’s in the student studying somewhere in London who does something valuable for you without even asking anything back in return. It’s in your childhood friends who are the reason why you want to get home as soon as possible. It’s in your old roommate who keeps sharing every single thing with you even after you’ve gone thousands of miles away from him. It’s in those new friends I made in previous college who still message me asking “Made a girlfriend yet?” It’s in your cousins and loved ones who take care of you at every single step when you need them. It’s in your family and your little sis back home who keeps talking about all the stuff you loved back home. It’s everywhere. It’s in everyone.

Believe me, Heaven is in you… 

Wings of Freedom

I walk,

I walk on the street,

Under the stars,

Upon their glittering sheet…

Shining the way,

I’ve never known,

They were all together,

But why I was all alone…

Why should I alone feel all the light,

Under my feet when they shine bright,

My steps make the splashing sound,

Just enough loud to cover my wounds…

All of noises and all of sounds,

All the moments for which I look around,

They all come to me with so much speed,

Carrying all the memories and all my deeds,

I look up and reflect on them,

They’re gliding away in the sky,

Wish I could capture them,

And bid them a deserving goodbye…

I glance,

Down on the stars,

The shine is what set them apart…

The darkness around,

It just fades away,

Over the trees,

Where the birds lay…

Distracted they all start to fly,

Above my head in the moonlit sky,

Then why should I be feeling so trapped,

When the life is always full of crap…

All of noises and all  of sounds,

All the places that I look around,

They all glow with a new sense,

It makes me jump off the fence,

And follow the birds wherever they go,

They’re free to live their life,

I also want to go to the place they know,

And feel their freedom vibes…