If I die tomorrow

If I die tomorrow
would you
miss me?

Would you miss
the dance of my naked footsteps
on the cold wooden floor

Would you miss
my voice
in your ears

Would you miss
getting lost
in my coffee pool eyes

Would you miss
my laugh
echoing through your heart

Will you miss
the way
the rise
the fall
of my chest quickens
when you’re near

Will you miss
how I tug
at your heart strings
with such ease

or how easily
you tug
at mine

Would you miss
the taste of spices
on my skin
from turning my empty house
into a home
whenever I cooked
for you

Would you miss
my Ying
to your Yang

Will there be
an empty space
in your heart
from all the times
I rested
my ear against you
to listen
to the song
your heart sings

Will there be
an empty space
in your heart

your heart

where you keep
a special place
for me


what about your mind?

Will it be
the same
when I’m gone


Will you always
remember the nights
we spent
talking about
our true selves
how we’ll
take over the
dreamed about
having skinny feet

Will you remember

your eyes
my favorite color

your “hello”
my favorite sound

your warmth
my favorite feeling

Will you miss
the way
I already miss you?


It was a perfect moment.

The reflection of the sun from the water flowing underneath me reminded me of the glory and enormous pride of the arrogant, yet beautiful creation that sun is. I tried to look for myself on the surface of the water. But I believe I missed the moment when I dived too deep inside it. It was too late to come back to the surface. All I could see was my mind playing tricks on me. I was blind. The cool fluid stream meant nothing to me. I remember the fresh wet breeze tried to rescue me from my cycle of thoughts. It failed. I was there. But I wasn’t.

It was a perfect moment.

And in that moment, I swear, I was lost.