You’ve got magic in your hands and love in your heart.

Remember walking through the park accompanied with the humid air heated up to its limit. The sensation of the sun burning against the back reminded of the harsh times. The shade was the desire that didn’t take long to fulfill. As you sat down under the comfort of green, it all changed. Suddenly, the green was gone and it was all red and brown and yellow.

The green was gone, and so was the usual nature and the constancy of the beloved star. The mood swings got better and changes became hard to embrace. Still, there was the same wind, which just flew differently now. Same sun, which now shone when he felt like. No more boredom for him.

There were feeling now. Emotions. Here and there. The weather started to play with emotions. Emotions of different kinds. Some were drowning in their dripping drops, while others were trying their best to survive through the storm.

And so can you.

You’ve got magic in your hands and love in your heart.

a beautiful language

that innocent but confused face,
with those dreamy pair of eyes,
the way they stared with such grace,
of all the things i felt like in haze,
no, they couldn’t have lied.

the deep blue was in a hurry,
but how could i let it run?
her eyes had their own vocabulary,
such magic, it made mine blurry,
what a beautiful language to learn.

for she had eyes and chose me,
can you blame those wonders for that?
even now, when she looks back and sees,
the stars feel so ready to flee,
just don’t blame her, will you, for that.


i knew
there was something coming
it had to be
it was
meant to be
i could sense it
so did
everyone sitting around
the open place
charmed by
those beautiful instruments
by people from
around the world
living life
on that wonderful
irish land.

or maybe not.

maybe they didn’t
sense that coming
but it was
all over the place
in every motivated breath
you take
in every puff of smoke
that intimidates you
right in your eyes
hits your
tipsy soul
and makes you wonder
what it will be like
when it hits you
nothing like
you’ve been having
since all night now.

maybe nobody imagined
or ever wondered
but i was waiting
among the cheering people
for that exact moment.

and then it came
decided to stood by
glances were exchanged
i felt them
inhaling the deep breath
this was calm
before the storm
and then suddenly
the next moment
it was all

Making. Really. Cool. Things.

One of the best initiative taken ever in the history of computer science education. Why is that?

Because anybody and everybody can learn to code. It’s that simple! Ask any “coder” why computer science (I know this term is so boring!) is good, and he’ll (or one of the few she’s will) give you one of the following reasons: without computer science (promise I won’t use this again) not much works, or we have the best jobs, or you creatively solve problems, or creative technology is lucrative. I just have one thing to say about that. MAKING. REALLY. COOL. THINGS.

The programmers of tomorrow are the wizards of future. We are so much dependent on technology, that if you know how to write code, you can actually do magical things involving just your surroundings. You’re gonna look like you have magic powers compared to everybody else. So why not take the first step?

Let’s make some cool things then!