The Lost Butterfly

The flow of water was satisfying enough,

to block other similar sounds,

but still you can hear the sound of,

the tears that were trickling down,


Last thing to expect in such a setting,

Where others laughed in vain,

and this one sitting next to the fountain,

with her head down in an unknown pain,


Not much of a similar sight this was,

When you knew this wasn’t natural,

Confused, curious, still stuck whether to,

go over or stand there like an admiral,


Curious because it’s never happened before,

confused because why is it even there,

couldn’t see it but don’t really know,

what to do when you’re here,


It was the same when you see a butterfly,

stuck fiercely in a tornado,

when she knows she can’t do anything,

she just closes her eyes and let it go,


You would have witnessed this butterfly,

from spreading her wings and flying,

to the situation where you just had enough,

you can’t really do anything better than crying,


The point where everything’s lost,

and nothing’s happening your way,

it’s the force that stops you,

there’s nothing she could really say,


Eyes wet, and mind wandering away,

lost in a faraway distant land,

you tried to help but in vain,

like pouring water through the sand,


The sun rose up but memories still there,

you can just guess what went wrong,

nobody’s going to tell you or help you,

since the one isn’t writing this song…

lost butterfly