time and space.

is this the only way out?
he teared up and looked up above
i tried to hold back his memories
but they flew away along with his love

don’t worry about losing
i held his face in me and let him be
if it happens it happens
someday it will be you and me

all along this time and space
we will find him through night and day
even when we are six feet under
our love will stand brave, and
forever, stay.

Welcome to the jungle

Welcome to the jungle. Sometimes its the hell on earth and the other times, its heaven and the paradise city and what not. Though the good times are hard to find. You have to really look out for and take the chances. There are instances you get sad about, little things that make you laugh, and the random events in your life that just leave you thinking. You never wanted to be a philosopher, but suddenly you are one of those person who have more than one perspective and think you’re smart enough to judge people around you. It’s not a big deal, more of a daily routine. People are afraid to find happiness, and fear little things, making it more difficult for themselves. Trying can be hard, but for those who do take a step further, shit still happens, and that too more often. But its good shit. Hearts get broken, loves get stolen, and you start running. But who said its all about rejection? What happened to the concept of getting up and trying again? Once, twice, thrice, four times, and so on. Maybe even 100th time. But isn’t it worth every effort that you put in? My argument is simple. If you are really going that far and always pushing your limits and the fenced boundaries of your comfort zone, just to get that thing you’ve always wanted, I believe it’s definitely worth it. To make this more delicious and add a cherry on top, the stories you get while pushing yourself out there are worth repeating over and over again.

That’s how you survive. To put it more significantly, that is how you live. Welcome to the jungle.

The Evil Twin

Seen you walking under the carpet of stars,

Holding hands with him, going far,

Moon light was enough to blind,

Was he unaware or were you too kind?

Why don’t you walk far away,

But instead you just let him say,

You pull him close, won’t let him go,

Why hide the pain that you plan to throw?

Those close breaths fill your moments,

Big promises satisfy your pride,

Soft tender touches fulfill your needs,

What about the things you hide?

Nobody’s watching you doing that,

Even the one who is being harassed,

Too blinded he is by the feeling he has,

Like nobody felt before but you’ll still mess,

Just waiting for the love to kill slowly,

You’re too used to commit this sin,

So easy for you to smile and carry on,

It’s not you, it’s your evil twin..

There wasn’t any…

I forgot, I let it pass,

I missed, didn’t let it last,

I parted, I changed my ways,

I faked it, like they say,

What’s still with me is,

The way you made me feel,

How much you wanted me,

My wishes, you had them fulfilled,

You might have gone away,

You might come back again,

But all these nights and days,

I promise you,

There wasn’t any pain,

There wasn’t any pain…


One quick glance at the clock,

And I dragged my heavy feet,

But just when I was,

Passing the playroom,

My heart suddenly skipped a beat,

My daughter sat there playing with her dollhouse,

In that room together we were,

She looked calm and beautiful,

Just like she had four years back,

When I cremated her…