o nadaan sar utha ke to dekh tu kahan baitha hai,
ye doosron ke andhere ka aaj bhi savera hai,
jis sagar ki khushbu ko tu roz paar krta hai,
uss kashti ki khwahish mein unka din raat guzarta hai,
kabhi mudke to dekh tu kahan baitha hai,
na peechhe koi dikha aur na aage,
tu kal bhi akela tha, aur aaj bhi akela hai.

that perfect glimpse

the fresh smell
of a newly
laid mattress
on a perfectly assembled
bed frame roams
in the air

filling the room
with the virtuosity
of what only money
can buy.

a single glimpse
catches the painted
reflection of a newly
furnished life.

there’s nothing wrong
with that glimpse.
it’s all you’ve
always wanted to be.

utter silence.

and then you hear
a water drop traveling
down, reaching for
the sink,
to be in touch
with something it
belongs to.

or maybe your heart
wants it to be
that way.

this is what
looks like.

Just a few moments

I wanted to
spend some time
with the universe,
the stars and

hear their stories
and animate those
words to
every soul I lay
my eyes upon.

but there was
this fear of
moving in that direction
for I may lose
what I have now
and not find anything
except loneliness.

I took
that forbidden path anyway
and realized, all
I wanted
is to drag the time
out for
a few moments.

The road less traveled

as i walked through the woods,
the leaves were dead on the ground,
alone in the silence, long i stood,
i questioned my heart if i could,
since he knew only where i was bound,

i felt the seasons passing away,
in infinite colors they disguised,
and though the mornings equally lay,
the time wasn’t enough to wait another day,
my desire was highly prized,

i searched ahead, and to my sides,
i cried out for a shadow but all in vain,
no steps had trodden back, no guides,
only the leaves speaking of how they died,
moving on didn’t feel like a gain,

but though the path didn’t look fair,
and options were many, but i-
i carried on and became more aware,
left the footprints for who i care,
i kept traveling on the road less traveled by

When I was here…

Last time when I was here,

It was raining,

But it doesn’t rain anymore…

When I was here,

To see you every day,

But you don’t show up anymore…

I used to wait,

For hours and days,

To see your smile,

To see your face…

Last time when I was here,

It was raining,

But it doesn’t rain anymore…

When I used to come and hide,

Sneaking away from the truth and lies,

But now I don’t need to hide anymore…

When you were with your friends,

Looking like a queen of my dreams,

But now I won’t see you anymore…

I used to follow you,

And drop you home,

But never ever found out,

Baby I’ll never leave you alone…

Last time when I was here,

It was raining,

But it doesn’t rain anymore…

It doesn’t even rain anymore….