i drank poetry today.

i drank poetry today.

the dripping speck
of its black ink
invited my enticing taste buds
to grab a sip from the
hot, steamy brew
of words
dreaming together like
the arctic bay breeze.

i brought it closer
to the horizon
of my eyes, and wished
upon myself
the fortunes of
no bias, and lies.
even though the truth
was bitter as
her sly smile, it was
still the truth, in
every word and line.

i drank poetry today.

maybe it was just


Dancing with the devil

she was once in love
with the devil, dancing
with him in the pale moonlight.

i saw her lips
pressed against her knees
as the moonlight reflected
off her, searching for
an escape in her
distant gaze.

she shone like a raw diamond
through her cracks.

her eyes carried the stars
and gentle scars,
a chaos of dreams,
hopes, and her past.

lust was reduced to the
melting wax, as
slowly, but surely,
she became soulmates with
the lies.

she was once in love,
she said.

she shouldn’t have lied
to herself.

Uncertain romance

Well they may wear those classic polos,
With faded shorts and fake smiles,
I’m sure the sperrys don’t tell the truth,
Though you may take a while,

And there’s the truth that you can’t see,
They probably would like to throw a punch at me,
Only if you could see them like I do,
There’s a chance that you’ll agree,

You know what’s a funny thing?
Hold on, we’ll tell them tonight,
But your mind is already made up,
Let me ask are you always right?

And it doesn’t take no Sherlock Holmes,
To see a bit different around here,
How hard you make it for yourself?
Agree that there’s no certain romance going on there,

Don’t get me wrong though there’s boys in bands,
And others who’d like to hold your hands,
And just because he’s got a couple of cash,
He thinks its okay to act like an ass,

When you can be the ocean that bleeds into the sky,
You still wanna be the sand I have no idea why,
Maybe your mind is already made up,
Just tell the truth don’t you lie..


You can’t feel the pain,

Until you see the bribers making gain,

You can’t feel the light,

Until you pull yourself out from the fight,

You won’t even remember,

What is new in this day,

‘Coz you never got time,

To climb out from your old and stupid ways,

That’s why we fight for ourselves,

For truth and not your lies,

‘Coz this is the thing,

That you can’t deny,

Just leave all those rights,

And let them find,

Their true owners,

Who just piss themselves all day and night…

You can’t even hold the hand,

Of your people stuck in sand,

Your pockets are full of dirt,

But we still don’t have a shirt,

You’ll make this world so great,

That only you’ll live in it,

But you won’t remember one thing,

That thats’s where we used to sit,

That’s why we fight for ourselves,

For truth and not your lies,

‘Coz these are the things,

That you can’t deny,

We’re the sons of war,

And we will defy,

You of every peace and freedom,

We’ll make you cry…