Mujhko jeena aa gya

Dil mein na jaane kitni khwahishein thi,
kuch zahir hui aur kuch adhoori hi reh gyi,
par un palon mein jo ehsaas hua,
saari kaynaat mein aisa izhaar hua,
laga ki ab mujhko jeena aa gaya,
saanson ko thaamkar ab mujhko chalna aa gaya…

Manzilon mein kitne hi raahi mile,
par saath chalne waale na jaane kahan reh gaye,
un sapno ka pechha karte hue kaafi door nikal aye,
kab mudke dekha to sirf pehchaane hue raaste nazar aye,
par koi afsos na tha ye jaankar ki un raaston par akele chalna aa gya,
bas yahi ehsaas tha ki mujhko jeena aa gaya…

Why I couldn’t give SAT??

Spent more than10  hours in a bus travelling to 2 different states in a journey which started at around 6 PM and ended at around 4 AM. Felt and fought the chilling waves of the early morning. No sleep for more than 24 hours. Reached the examination center as early as possible. Yet, I couldn’t give SAT. For real? Yes! But why? Lets hear the story of a journey then…

Me and my friend were all set to give SAT on 4th Nov. But why did we want to give SAT? Its because we both shared a common dream of attending an Ivy-League School. So SAT was the option, and we began our journey to explore it. First, we figured out how to get to the destination. We had to take a bus, then change it for the another one at the midnight, and that probably meant no sleep at all before the examination night! So we took the bus at 6 PM, reached the mid-stop destination at around 11 PM. And yes, it was getting colder and colder as the hours flew by. Maybe I felt a little more colder because of the exam the next day. You know students freak out a lot before the Big-Day! But I’m not one of them. Still it was very cold 😉

The 2nd bus started the journey at around 11:30 PM. We expected to reach our destination at around 2 in the morning. But I guess we were very very wrong! It was all foggy, and you can imagine the speed of the bus, very slow. It was a horrifying image of a vehicle travelling alone in the dark, coming out of nowhere and going to the same place! We stopped at least 2 times to eat and drink (not the bad drinks!). When at last we reached our destination at  4 in the morning, we were like “OMG, I’m too sleepy!”.

Somehow I got my 2 hours (not exactly!) of sleep and then got ready for the SAT, the next hurdle to be crossed off from my list! truth to be told, I was excited, not frightened, and quite fresh after the tire-some journey. We collected all our documents and the admit card and were completely set to make a mark in the exam. So my high hopes, I went into the center, got all my documents checked, and then was called in the office!

I didn’t know then what was going on, but later I found out I was not alone. There were around 6 students with me, including my friend, and the issue was told to us then. “All you guys and girls don’t have your passports with you, so you’re not allowed to give SAT“, the announcement was made, and I was like “WTF!” It was written on the admit card that you have to bring your Identification along with you, and I’ve everything, but why passport?

Then it was made clear. “The Indians and Pakistani students have to bring their passports for their ID verification. Nothing else will work.” Then I understood. The Collegeboard has some set of rules for the whole world, and some additional rules for the Indians and the Pakistanis. First, their extra fees which is added to the common fee+international fee. So the fees looks like: Common fee+International Fee+Fee for being from India, Isn’t it funny! And then the passport rule, ONLY PASSPORT WILL WORK, nothing else.

So that’s why I couldn’t give my SAT and was kindly asked to go out of the center after such a journey. But you know I have a wish to go to Ivy-League School, so I’m giving the SAT on 28th Jan next year, with much better preparation. And this time, I also have my passport ready :), so please no more additional rules Collegeboard!

The Unknown Path…

Hey everyone! Back with another of my written piece of poetry, this one talks about the unknown path, the dreams of a person and his beliefs in themnjOy!

The vision, its far away, But belief is still alive,

Hoping to conquer everything, Willing to dig deep and dive…

To many of the living beings, The vision seems superficial,

But few of them only know, Its possible, not artificial…

The dream of only one, Not all dare to dream,

Waiting to be reality, Its my bejewelled queen…

Standing on the starting line, Unknown path waits for me,

It stands in the pride, Only few have traveled before me…

They say it has obstacles, But I say they’re hidden opportunities,

Waiting there, just to be discovered, By someone who has started his journey…

Though it maybe a bit tough,

Still it leads me to my dream,

The seeds of dream reaped deep inside,

Waiting to be a fully grown tree…

The Road less taken…

Hello everyone! A very good morning to all of you.

Like every new WordPress user, I’ve been wondering for almost 3 days what to write in my first post. And this happens with everyone, when you are least aware or conscious about what to write, suddenly an idea comes to your mind! And same happened with me.

Here I am, going to describe what happens when one day you wake up, earlier than everyone, and go to some unknown places, discovering exquisite things and are left embracing Nature’s beauty!

Just like everyday, I walked up to my store room and caught a glimpse of my old cycle, which has been left undisturbed for 2 years. In another  moment, I called up one of my best friends and we decided to go on a cycle trip next morning!

Though its difficult to wake up at 5 in the morning when you have the habit of sleeping till 8 Am, but still we managed to do that and on our way we were, when my friend asked, ” But where are we going!”. And I was like “I don’t know !”

Still we keep on going where the road was taking us, and then 2 paths were in front of us, One a well-built and nice-for-riding type and Another was broken, not-at-all-built type, and we took the path less taken.

Today, we are glad that we took it, and I’m sure you’ll also be after you see what we saw that day! Here you go…

One of the best sunrise I've ever saw...

Delighted by the sunrise, we move on and on, and…!

Flying away, in their own way...
nice...isnt it ? 😉
beacuse of these, we were there..!
obviously the road less taken !
Njoying, isnt he ? 😉

Hope you’ll also take some time out and go on to discover the unknown places of your city…..Believe me, its worth it !