Creative freedom

Never take advice from someone working in corporate.
Chances are,
they don’t value their creative freedom
over things like money,
status, appearance and other shiny stuff.

They will never know
what creating something freely feels like.

It’s not living
a dream, it’s living
a lie.

It happens

Why didn’t you get that job?

Why didn’t she call you back?

Why did no one like your blog post?

Why did you fall in love?

Why did you say no when you knew you wanted to say yes?

Why did it rain when you planned everything out so perfectly?

That’s the thing. It happens.

It just happens.

Sometimes there’s no explanation to things that happen with us or around us.
Sometimes they just happen without any reason.
Sometimes there’s no logic or pattern.
And we try so hard to figure out the answer to the big WHY.
Just to see at the end of the road that there’s no answer.
There’s nothing that can tell you WHY.

Because sometimes, it just happens.