it wasn’t the first time

i got lost in her hair
but the wind paused
and the sky looked over
this time
looked over me to see
if i was doing fine
and i told him
i didn’t even see him
walking through the door
i never felt him
putting his foot down
on my carpeted floor
and no it’s not that
i don’t love him as much
as i did before
it’s just that my
existence was clouded by
her hair and i couldn’t help
but want more.

Blame it on me

i saw her fingers
move across her
face, trying
aimlessly to rescue
her hair
from their freedom.

the hair was
free, but she
blamed it
on the gravity.

so it seemed.

her face reflected
the white light
of her screen.
glowing, she was
but she blamed it
on electricity.

or so it seemed.

her glasses kept
sneaking down
an inch or so
without seeking her
it was all
beautifully framed,
but she blamed it on

or so it seemed.

and i just

she had nothing
to blame that on.

it was all
my fault.