Face Value

over there
is a stranded girl
stuck with her
worthless means of
caged brew
and fake curls

looking back and forth
at her
splendidly lit fruit
the graffiti
on her hand proposes
her surface
is her roots

there’s a lot of
filtered noise
in her
but there’s only
so much
she can discern
and hear

but all of this
the point is not

the point is that
she’s got
what you desire
a lot

your frivolous dreams
keep you
in a haze
but you just
can’t have it the
same way

can you?

Fool’s Paradise

last night around the time
when the queues were nowhere near fine
and the streets were filled with red and blue lights
it was nettlesome
i wouldn’t call it bright

when the air smelled of dripping dreams
thanks to the uniform and diffident queens
waiting in lines eagerly to pass the man
just to make memories
they themselves won’t be a fan

to do things tonight
that can’t be done tomorrow day
to tell a story that’s alright
and leave behind the horrors of grey

but don’t let all this
make a fool out of you

this town’s a different town today
this town’s a different town to what it was last night
you couldn’t have done that on a sunday
of course not

now don’t let all that pretty face
give you butterflies around your base

that girl’s a different girl today
i said, that girl’s a different girl to what you kissed last night
you couldn’t have done that on a sunday
of course not

but i can’t say the same for those presumptuous non-settling monkey suits
i just can’t

last night what we talked about
it made so much sense
but now the haze has ascended
it doesn’t make any sense anymore

SLap Day

7th Feb – 14th Feb.

Girl gets gifts, in fact a lot of all gifts!

15th Feb – 22nd Feb

Just don’t ask šŸ˜‰

Well, girls give gifts, but not flowers, chocolates or big cakes. They are in the form of, well, in the form of some physical issues to the boys. And yes, Slap Day is one of them. I tried to find the history of Slap Day on Google but no luck (maybe the college firewall is blocking it). So I thought, why not invent one! So let me take all of you back to the day which says 7th Feb. On this day, a boy gives a rose to the girl to mark theĀ beginningĀ of the valentine week. In the following week, girl gets lucky, super lucky in some cases. But she has a secret, a deep secret that is buried inside her, which she don’t want to reveal due to gifts! So keeping aside this secret, she accepts all the treats and teddies. She spends her week happily, but when 14th comes, something happens. The boy hopefully proposes the girl. Now comes the secret part. The girl was already with some other boy! She didn’t tell that because she was selfish? Maybe, better ask her! So when her previous interest comes into play, he meets the new boy to celebrate the 15th Feb. as the Slap Day and what a way of greeting him….True Story! Maybe the girl is thinking of the best ways to spend theĀ valentineĀ eve but couldn’t. Just because of the boy’s fear of the following days that are destined to come? Yes, exactly! But what can he do? Nothing. Its all girl’s play! Whatever it is, njOy everyone šŸ˜‰

Wait, its not over!

To be continued….

Just 1 day left…..