Under the stars, naked

Thank you for reading my madness.

I never expected
so many of you to read,
it is just madness
after all,
but that’s okay,

we are all a little mad and a bit crazy.

And I’ve always liked the mad ones

– for we are the ones who talk in riddles and smile when we do,
for we know the world makes more sense to us that way –

so, if you’re reading this somewhere in the world,
I do hope that one day we meet.

And when we do,
let’s decide that no matter
where we are in the world,

we will find a place to light a fire,
on a beach,
or somewhere in the woods
where you can still see the stars

– and we will get cheap drinks,
the cheaper the better,
and we will play old tunes,
and laugh about the world –

and as the sun comes up
we will run,

as the stars call us back,
their children,
their mad children coming home.

let’s agree to that
and I hope
to see you soon.

The weekend anthem

i saw you piercing through the tipsy sky
looking for the stars
but you ended up
skedaddling away some desperate flies
while i was busy
constructing the night
a glance over you was
alright to summon a smile

but what can we do about the scumbag
who spoiled himself
over the dreams of the night
i admit it was silly, cold-hearted smite
only if you were
responsible for those arctic floors
well not everyone can do it alright
not everyone can compete with whores

your wandering eyes
traveled all the way
into the dreams of naughtiness
breaching through
the air of flatfoot presence
who couldn’t care any less
the apparent waiting was quite a concern
as i started to stir it up
spicing it up with tabasco
even the bloody mary wasn’t good enough

no don’t give me those looks
i’m not the kind of fool
who’s gonna sit and sing to you about the stars, girl
but I remembered when i looked up earlier
into the dark half of the blue and they’d gone backwards
but it shouldn’t affect you
neither me
the things that happened under the blue
were just meant to be