same boy you’ve always known

I know you’re out there
and I want you to think
good of me,
but in recent years
time hasn’t been
what it promised to be,
you taught me all
about the good and the bad
when you yourself weren’t sure,
and despite all evidence
to the contrary
my life isn’t as pure

and now I’ve left
your ways, and grown
into something, of my own
I know how you feel
but I’m not the same
boy, you’ve always known.

I know you’re out there
and maybe even
wondering what went wrong,
although it might be true
but we are right
where, we actually belong,
the times we spent
doodling our lives
on the dried canvas of dead leaves,
love me or not
but it wasn’t something
that was meant to be
and now I’ve left
your side, and grown
into something of my own,
you might feel betrayed
but i’m not the same
friend, you’ve always known.


I’m a growing
Icelandic shark
all grown-assed, I can
admit now
I have multiple heads

one that smells of
merlot and noir
another full of cold-
blooded diamonds
& often times under the moonlight
it seems, as if the eyeballs
have been sharpied
inside the sockets

I’m still learning how
to hold a hand and
walk through
or drink the leftover
blood from the skull
of others

my hands don’t warm
me and I like slipping
out of myself
often, leaving no hands
to take the lead &
puppet me

my dreams feel like
being sucked into
the sky & I lift, but
it is so quiet.
I can hardly breathe

please, hold my hand.
it is such a pleasure
to be not dead and
walking through
this place, with you.

Erased Memories

Everybody please! This one is really abstract, so please let me know what are your interpretations after reading this…I would love to know!


At night when I wake up,

I see you asleep,

Lost in your beautiful,

Yet horrifying dreams down deep,

I can feel your breath,

I can touch your heart,

Yet you can’t feel me,

It always breaks me apart,

I’ve been into this habit,

Long enough for now,

Still can’t control myself,

I don’t know how,

To wake you up,

And make you realize,

That nothing is changed,

And you’re still alive,

I sit besides you,

Looking at your beautiful face,

It still is the same,

But it lost the time’s race,

Looks like it happened yesterday,

When we first met,

The scent that you wore,

Still lingers in my head,

Suddenly the Sun rises,

And I wish to wake you up,

My hands won’t let me,

But I won’t give up,

I’ll come again tonight,

I’ll be there by your side,

I wish I could stay forever,

But it’s time for me to say goodnight…

Dead memories

Back to Life

Hey everyone! This one is one of the most random thing that I’ve written, even though I don’t know why I wrote it.

Maybe you can enjoy ­čÖé

When I stood out there on bed,

People were sure that I was dead,

They covered my face with that lie,

And I could not move nor fly,

The tears were streaming down their face,

But to me it was such a disgrace,

They even held me like I was their son,

But still they wanted me to burn,

Few of them sad from the news they heard,

Of how I got here from some neighborhood nerd,

Why don’t they just leave me alone,

And stop telling everyone on their phones,

I tried to prove every bit of them wrong,

By moving my hand or singing a song,

But the power is nowhere to be found,

I now feel myself laying on the ground,

But the smell of gifted flowers still found my nose,

I realized I could make out between a hibiscus and a rose,

I tried to breathe fast to give out some sign,

But to them I was laying just fine,

Suddenly the beep moved from dead to alive,

People were shocked as I let out a sigh,

Why try to kill me when I’m alive,

This is me coming back to life!