‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Sensation!

1.2 million Youtube views for the new trailer in just a day. Epic conclusion of the legend promised. Christopher Nolan directing.

What else can a die-hard Dark Knight fan or a Christopher Nolan fan want? ­čÖé

Though Avengers is the feast in theaters nowadays, Christopher Nolan reminded us again that the best is yet to come.

“There is a storm coming,” says Selina Kyle to Bruce Wayne as the trailer opens up. When Wayne comments that she seems to be looking forward to the storm, Selina replies, “I’m adaptable.”

The new trailer gives a better perspective on the evilness of Bane.

When defeated Wayne lies on the ground helplessly and asked Bane why he didn’t kill him, Bane answers, “your punishment must be more severe.”

The 140-second trailer also features a mid-air plane heist by Bane, Wayne and Kyle dancing, sinking football field, Bane’s henchmen holding up a stock exchange, Gotham citizens witnessing two bridges blown, Wayne locking lips and more….actually much more than that!

But what will be the legendary conclusion that Christopher Nolan is promising?

In the original comic book series, Bane broke Batman’s back and the caped crusader had to be replaced. Some are wondering if Batman actually dies. And that some includes me too. What if the Batman really dies? That would be an epic conclusion, if not perfect for the batman lovers.

But we’ll have to just wait and see till 20th July, coz thats when “The Dark Knight Rises’ hit┬átheaters.