Back to Life

Hey everyone! This one is one of the most random thing that I’ve written, even though I don’t know why I wrote it.

Maybe you can enjoy ­čÖé

When I stood out there on bed,

People were sure that I was dead,

They covered my face with that lie,

And I could not move nor fly,

The tears were streaming down their face,

But to me it was such a disgrace,

They even held me like I was their son,

But still they wanted me to burn,

Few of them sad from the news they heard,

Of how I got here from some neighborhood nerd,

Why don’t they just leave me alone,

And stop telling everyone on their phones,

I tried to prove every bit of them wrong,

By moving my hand or singing a song,

But the power is nowhere to be found,

I now feel myself laying on the ground,

But the smell of gifted flowers still found my nose,

I realized I could make out between a hibiscus and a rose,

I tried to breathe fast to give out some sign,

But to them I was laying just fine,

Suddenly the beep moved from dead to alive,

People were shocked as I let out a sigh,

Why try to kill me when I’m alive,

This is me coming back to life!