A Russian Morning

It was a quiet morning,

The sun came up at an unusual time,

The night still ringing inside my head,

Fresh from the last night crime,

Stopped and waited for a second,

To recollect where I was,

The place was same, the colors were lame,

Still I felt like lost,

The crazy fireball in the sky,

With chilly winds setting in,

Tears on the glasses dripping down,

All together to curse me for my sins,

Untied laces on my shoes,

Planned lamely to make me fall,

Tripped and jumped and aimed for the grass,

But found in my way, a dancing wall,

The sun suddenly vanished,

The moon wasn’t available today,

I didn’t care about the stars,

Where the hell did they go away,

Her warm hands through my hair,

The scent of tulips lightened up my mind,

She was glowing or was it the sun,

Good thing was I wasn’t blind,

I was on my feet again,

With my head full of warnings,

It wasn’t anything unusual I said,

Just another of those Russian Mornings!

Heaven….I found it!

Yes, it’s true! I found it…I did it. I’m seriously not kidding! And I really want those two guys to know this, who wasted my hour preaching me about Jesus and telling me what to do if I want to go to heaven. Obviously I’m not against Jesus or any religion or their beliefs, but seriously guys, you don’t go to heaven just by doing those things. I wondered if heaven existed in real! How do you know for sure?

And then I found it. Today while talking to my friend in India, my home sweet home, I was telling him about the college here, the atmosphere, all the other important stuff! He was in awe and exclaimed, “Looks like you’re in heaven!”.

And i was like, “Maybe..!”

But then I realized, I was in heaven. Not because of the atmosphere or the college or the new things I was experiencing, but because of the people. In fact I was born in heaven and was living it for the past 20 years. Damn, it took so long to me to realize this!

People around you are the only reason this place is heaven. They make this place like heaven. But what does it look like?

Let me give you some examples:

Heaven is in Sarah, the most energetic and excited girl I’ve ever met. It’s in my math professor, who not only teaches but also go rock-climbing with you. It’s in your new friend who hugs you tightly on his birthday and says, “You’re the first friend I had in college.” It’s in all the strangers who holds the door open for you so you can get in before them. It’s in the students who help you get involved in the activities going on around. It’s in a guy who helps you with all the application process without having met you in real life. It’s in the student studying somewhere in London who does something valuable for you without even asking anything back in return. It’s in your childhood friends who are the reason why you want to get home as soon as possible. It’s in your old roommate who keeps sharing every single thing with you even after you’ve gone thousands of miles away from him. It’s in those new friends I made in previous college who still message me asking “Made a girlfriend yet?” It’s in your cousins and loved ones who take care of you at every single step when you need them. It’s in your family and your little sis back home who keeps talking about all the stuff you loved back home. It’s everywhere. It’s in everyone.

Believe me, Heaven is in you… 

Thank You

Looking at all the old photographs on Facebook, I realized why we use it. To keep the memories alive. To read those funny comments again and again. To tag the friends I unusual pictures because of an inside joke. To make ourselves remember that past was fun.

That’s how I look at it.

All the way from my last day at school to the very first day of college ( or Colleges! ). I’ve been very lucky because I’ve got friends like those. And reading their greetings and wishes remind me of all the awesome time we spent together. Everybody was different, and yet, they shared the same common connection and bond. Thanks to you guys. Because of you, I dreamt big. Because of you, I made it. Many people ask me how did you get into or stuff like that. I just tell them the procedure. Because I really can’t tell them the real thing. It’s not just a matter of giving exams. You’ve got to have someone to go all the way with you. You’ve got to have someone to help you with your dreams. What really matters is the years that went by and the people who helped you.

Because without them, you’re all alone. But with them, You’re the KING! And I guess you’ll agree me on this one, that a King has the power to do anything!

Thanks you Guys

Leaving was never the same…

I left all the thoughts inside,

Some unspoken things in my mind,

Buried them deep under the ground,

With memories that never got found,

I saw the Sun going down,

Parting away without making any sound,

The light betrays showing the way,

To the darkness where the rest lay,

But leaving was never the same,

Without the dark it can never change,

No matter if the Sun went down,

Another one rises and light gets around,

Leaving the place with a hope to live,

New dimensions intending to give,

A new birth to souls that now rest on their own names,

But this leaving was never the same…

SLap Day

7th Feb – 14th Feb.

Girl gets gifts, in fact a lot of all gifts!

15th Feb – 22nd Feb

Just don’t ask 😉

Well, girls give gifts, but not flowers, chocolates or big cakes. They are in the form of, well, in the form of some physical issues to the boys. And yes, Slap Day is one of them. I tried to find the history of Slap Day on Google but no luck (maybe the college firewall is blocking it). So I thought, why not invent one! So let me take all of you back to the day which says 7th Feb. On this day, a boy gives a rose to the girl to mark the beginning of the valentine week. In the following week, girl gets lucky, super lucky in some cases. But she has a secret, a deep secret that is buried inside her, which she don’t want to reveal due to gifts! So keeping aside this secret, she accepts all the treats and teddies. She spends her week happily, but when 14th comes, something happens. The boy hopefully proposes the girl. Now comes the secret part. The girl was already with some other boy! She didn’t tell that because she was selfish? Maybe, better ask her! So when her previous interest comes into play, he meets the new boy to celebrate the 15th Feb. as the Slap Day and what a way of greeting him….True Story! Maybe the girl is thinking of the best ways to spend the valentine eve but couldn’t. Just because of the boy’s fear of the following days that are destined to come? Yes, exactly! But what can he do? Nothing. Its all girl’s play! Whatever it is, njOy everyone 😉

Wait, its not over!

To be continued….

Just 1 day left…..

Valentine’s Day, or Tuesday!

Valentine’s Day. Just a day left for it. Flowers are ready, and so are the girls ready to accept them, though few will reject also! Gifts are being packed, colors being chosen carefully. Some are stuck on deciding the place for date, while others are booking movie tickets, etc. But do I care? Not at all…! 😉

Linkin Park wrote in their song ‘Valentine’s Day‘, “So now you’re gone, and I was wrong
I never knew what it was like, to be alone On a Valentine’s Day”. Maybe that is the true story of many of the guys out there, but definitely not mine. I’ve been alive since 19 years, and believe me, I’ve never ever thought about it, and I’m still alive! Valentine’s Day is a day when usually a boy, oh wait a sec, its always a boy 🙂 expresses his love to the girl. As the Wikipedia says it, “It is traditionally a day on which lovers express their love for each other by presenting flowers, offering confectionery, and sending greeting cards“. But it says only flowers, confectionery and greeting cards. Does it also mentions the huge and expensive gifts that girls require nowadays? Doesn’t seem so….

Valentine’s Week is like a lottery for Archies, Cadbury, Flower Companies, and such other,   who earn their profit only in this week. Starting from Rose Day, the week has Chocolate Day, Promise Day, Hug Day, Kiss Day, and so many others that one could ever imagine! Imagine a boy who is getting ready to celebrate this week for his girl friend. First he buys a rose, then chocolate, and not an ordinary one, it must be Ferrero Rocher. And girl gets it all. Thats not all. He then also has to make a superficial promise on the Promise Day, buy a large, sweet and cute teddy on Teddy Day, and then has to do a lots of formality, until you are like her 😉

And after so much trouble, what he gets ?

Here’s the list:

15 Feb : Slap Day

16 Feb : Kick Day

17 Feb : Perfume Day

18 Feb : Flirting Day

19 Feb : Confession Day

20 Feb : Missing Day

21 Feb : Break Up

So guys, celebrate your V-Day with your loved ones, but do remember the list above. Happy valentine Day!!!

The Smoker

The sudden movement and sound of curtain,

Caught my attention,

& I took the note…

The door was closed,

Just 2 of us,

Even the light was low…


He was there,

In front of me,

Taking something out of the box…

Then I realized,

That all was preparation,

For the world’s most popular hoax…


As he lighted,

The tip of the danger,

A puff of smoke came out…

I sat up confused,

Thinking from the past incidents,

What it was all about…


The smoke in the dark,

Grew thicker and thicker,

He kept forming clouds of smoke…

Was it about her,

Or the mistakes he had done,

Or some bad dream in the morning when he woke…


The breathe was deep,

Keeping it calm,

He was lost in the thoughts in his mind…

I still wonder,

What they say to him,

Or do the really just bind?


Binding together,

The past forever,

& clouding the vision of future…

It stands as a wall,

Between the transition,

Making it possible to be lost forever…


The last pieces,

When put together,

Didn’t give a clue of this…

To clear them away,

Was as easy as dying,

But broken was the inner of his…

The clue was gone,

The smoke went away,

But the memories were fresh in the air…

No reasons were there,

No explanations were given,

Will it lead to him anywhere?

Just 20 kms from Shimla…!

Hey everyone! Back again with a brand new story to tell you all. The title says it all( at least it tries to say something..!). Today I’ll give you some nice shots for your eyes of my college, which is ‘Just 20 kms from Shimla‘! And for those who don’t know Shimla, I should tell you that its a beautiful city with beautiful people, on beautiful hills, and set across a beautiful scenario. So enough of the ‘beautiful’ talk, let me continue with my college pics. Here you go !

This is the ‘beautiful’ morning scene 🙂

This is the ‘Great wall of, hmm…, my College!

The serenity of the temple…

Its just a lamp post at night, nothing else!

View outside my room…amazing na?!

The hostels view…

And the connector connecting the hostels 😉

Though sometimes it gets a bit scary outside!!!

So I hope you like the breathtaking and wonderful insights of my college and its weather, don’t you?

See you soon… 🙂