current mood.

Speechless travelers!

What wise wisdom we soak from your depths of experience!

You open the skies for us as we marvel in your no filter destinations.
You show us what it means to live as our eyes gleam with your tagged endorsements.
I have some dollars for travel, but not with sails and propulsion.

We are grateful you open the doors of your tales to our mundane being in these prisons.
Stars and skies have not looked the same since.

In fact, you’ve never seen them, have you?

Speak up, what have you actually seen?!

Oh wait..

2 thoughts on “current mood.

  1. I found your book at a book store in SF at the end of last year, I’ve read some of it, and I really admire it. I’m going to be in SF next Thursday, I was wondering if you wanted to get coffee, like you said in the acknowledgements. Hopefully you still check your blog, but I can tell you’ve gotten busy! I’d love to meet the man, the myth, the LeGenD himself. I guess respond to the comment and let me know whats up if you can!

    1. Hey Marc! Really appreciate you checking out the book, sorry I’m just getting to this comment. Will you be in SF sometime soon? I’d love to get coffee

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