i will admit
i was scared
of going into the great depths
of the vast entirety
of the pacific
when you called my name
from a thousand waves

each print of
my firm footprints
was quickly excused
from its existence

unlike the little boy
in my memories
who had nothing but heavy water
all around him
knocking impatiently
on his head
trying with all its might
to scream
as he
who once had the surety
of the ground
was then slowly going
and further away,
and further.

until the bottom met
his head, and
he realized in that
it was just water.

that moment came back
to me, as i dragged
my dead feet towards
the voice that i’d
everything for.

it’s just water.

but there was no need
for reinforcing the facts,
for the entirety
of the pacific
almost didn’t exist
in front of
the vastness of the love
that voice carried.