I saw a steamy
hot cappuccino
waiting, in front
of me.

soon enough, her
owner held her up
and the series of
unfortunate events

click. YAAASSSS. post.

“hold it like this.”
“look lost, like
you’re thinking about
how good it is.”

damn right, she is
pretty good.
beautiful, indeed.

few more click and
taps later, the hearts
started pouring in.
sadly enough, the noise
of her owner’s escape
blinded the silent art of
a hot brew.

I felt bad.

for her.
for she wasn’t
warm inside

12 thoughts on “Cappuccino

  1. Then I thought
    She better be warm and comforting
    I put her into the microwave
    She made few rounds
    And I realised
    Her warmth had no bounds
    She was back being
    The promise of warmth
    For the onlooker
    I had a sip again
    And my eyes could feel
    The warmth again
    Few rounds in hot waves
    Is all it takes

    (Bring home your own microwave
    A few rounds is all it takes)

    Now it sounds like an art advertisement for a coffee or microwave brand.

    A very interesting and warm post indeed
    Have a great work week ahead!!

  2. From the concept to the execution, you’ve done this beautifully. Hearts starting to pour in while the warmth inside leaking out..The paradox of the times we live in.

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