6 thoughts on “black, and unmisted

  1. Your poetry is also getting
    Grey and perfectly black

    Black reminded me of a funny incident, let me share

    Reason for sharing that incident- black – black dog – dawg

    It might not make much sense to you
    But it’s a funny one
    Lemme share

    My brother had a friend named something nick named dawg. He was his flat mate but the only prominent name I knew was dawg.
    Once bhai wasn’t picking up, I called on his landline, I was just on the verge of calling him dog bhaiya when I realised, luckily that’s not his real name.
    Till date it’s difficult to recall his real name.
    Few days back, he got married. Due to demonetisation, he was gifted a well labelled black dog, as a wedding gift. The label read from dogs to our dog, a special dog.
    Hope it turns your black a little orange if not yellow and I am sorry if I ruined the beauty of your post.

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