Dancing with the devil

she was once in love
with the devil, dancing
with him in the pale moonlight.

i saw her lips
pressed against her knees
as the moonlight reflected
off her, searching for
an escape in her
distant gaze.

she shone like a raw diamond
through her cracks.

her eyes carried the stars
and gentle scars,
a chaos of dreams,
hopes, and her past.

lust was reduced to the
melting wax, as
slowly, but surely,
she became soulmates with
the lies.

she was once in love,
she said.

she shouldn’t have lied
to herself.

11 thoughts on “Dancing with the devil

      1. What if she could see, shouted and cried but wasn’t heard and was still blamed for not being competent enough to sustain a supported life and living on tricycle yet not being able to cycle. Four wheeler would have been fatal and it kind of turned true. The fourth wheel made the castle of sand turn into an Egyptian pyramid. She paid a huge price she wasn’t blind but bound by responsibilities but life is not meant to just do it but to be lived and being able to breathe, laugh, speak, cry. I don’t know what I have turned into. B bye.

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