5 thoughts on “It’s simple

    1. I love when we make it as our gut says. This is just for those who are looking to sell. Not really about profitability, but more about the reach and influencing more with their words

      1. Ok. But when you make to sell, reach can be more but you will be selling people their own words in a different packaging, scope of influencing would be less. But I agree on this for products and services made or delivered for making profit. Or commercial movies or typical romantic novels of college passouts. You are right in your way and I must not fight first thing in morning. So go ahead make to sell and fill it up with entertainment and masala. Given my current situation I have no right to comment on what to make and how to sell. All the best.

      2. I agree, that if you follow the same pattern to sell, the influence is less. But that’s something you gotta do if you’re looking to sell. Human behavior, people are used to it. Plus, as long as it’s providing them value, it’s good.

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