“What do you want?”

I wondered, as I looked
right at the question.

I thought of many things
they never put on the menu.

like a job, a truck,
food, always more food,
a little gas money, an expensive guitar,
more open roads, less speed limits.



things they can’t give me.

“By the way, I like your hair.”

I’d rather take coffee than
compliments right now, I thought
to myself.

Just coffee, I replied.

“And how would you like it?”

Black – like my soul.

17 thoughts on “Coffee

      1. can you do one more thing? Watch sarabhai vs sarabhai, it will definitely lift your mood up and when you have lighter moments everything will be fine. I am sorry if I am interfering a lot.

      2. No you’re not interfering at all! I’ve seen that show before, love it. I’m gonna take your advice and watch few more episodes. And just relax.

  1. ……………and then
    i stared at my soul
    in a cup.
    among similarities
    i noticed,
    my soul will always
    be warm, unlike
    that brewed
    moments of fever.

    amazing poem….. i loved it.

  2. And then I checked my hair
    In my selfie camera
    And realised not that bad
    I called her again
    And asked her
    to add a little sugar.

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