And I’m Brad Pitt

This story is just a usual story. A regular story about guys and girls. A guy and a girl in particular. They could be anyone. Look around you. To your left. To your right. Now look in the mirror. That’s right. Stare right into those eyes who are staring back at you. They could be you too.

They could be anyone, and no one. And that was what’s so beautiful about them. They could pretend like they were the only two people that God ever intended to create on this planet we call home, but they could also pass each other on an empty street and not even look at the other, even though their bodies knew the other was just a breath away.

They were intense, yet hollow.
They were fire, yet a snow storm.
Burning up to their desires, arctic cold to their souls.

Honestly, they both were full of shit. That’s what I think about them. And about every other guy and girl who think they are the special one.

Sure. Why not?
And I’m Brad Pitt.



PS: How’s this for the beginning of a Novella people?

8 thoughts on “And I’m Brad Pitt

  1. Looks good. But last paragraph could be reframed. What you honestly think is what you write so it’s obvious plus it’s negative and the beginning shouldn’t be negative.

    They both didn’t knew whether they were special or regular or who they were, like most of us.
    But if you ask me
    I am so better than brad Pitt.

    Just a thought, it’s your story. You can treat it the way you want.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. Really appreciate it. I’m still trying to find the voice I want to write this in. Maybe from a 3rd person perspective, but I’ll probably end up writing as a personal story. It’s more interesting and raw that way. But yeah, I feel you Angelina, you are way better than Brad!

      1. Write your personal story with an added take of third opinion in between the story. More the viewpoints, more people could relate to it. It could be a friend telling a story to a group of friends and when the story ends, you reveal that it was him all the while. Just a suggestion again. Thanks but I am happy being who I am because it’s tough to be me and deal with me. I would like to be better than who I was yesterday. No other competitors.

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