Creative freedom

Never take advice from someone working in corporate.
Chances are,
they don’t value their creative freedom
over things like money,
status, appearance and other shiny stuff.

They will never know
what creating something freely feels like.

It’s not living
a dream, it’s living
a lie.

5 thoughts on “Creative freedom

  1. Nobody likes to live a lie, but necessity is the mother of invention. Being a minimalist looks good on papers, but in a world that values possessions alone. You have to earn respect by possessing a lot and then turn minimalist. To show people that it’s not like I cannot hoard, I am not an escapist, but I chose to not hoard. All those who did iit and iim but chose to do something else, were just proving their point to others and themselves. If otherwise, they would have been seen as escapist and loosers.

    1. But isn’t that stupid to value what the world around you values, but you don’t? I personally think all those iitians and iim people who did that just to show that they can do it to others were stupid. Because what matters is who you are to yourself, not to everyone else who think you’re an escapist or a loser.

  2. No it’s not stupid to conquer the benchmark set by society. If you don’t take bath for a week or not brush your teeth for two days and you are comfortable with your condition and you go out to interact with others. Hope you have received the message by now. As part of a social group we have to follow the norms set by society. Otherwise, there’s no difference between humans and animals. The norms are tough but what is easy might not be the right thing to do. You have to maintain your individuality without disrespecting the parameters set already.
    There’s one proverb
    Khao Mann bhaya (eat as per your wish)
    Pao Jag bhaya ( wear what would be appreciated by others)

    These refer to not just clothes but overall persona.

    But if everyone is jumping into a well blindfolded as instructed and you can see the depth of well then it’s better to go by your sensibility.

    Otherwise strike a balance between maintaining your individuality without becoming an outcast in society.

  3. I can figure out what you mean… but I believe people maneuver their craft and their time, given the area of profession.

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