Here’s the plan

Alright people, we’re going to try something new for the next few days.

I was going through some of y’alls comments on my previous posts, and believe it or not, I have the best subscribers. Y’all are so insightful, honest, personal, and humorous and some of the personal stories you’ve posted as comments are exceptional. Seriously, I mean it.

So here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to post some of those comments here, and although I want to post them all just because I love them all, that would take forever. And I’m going to do this in a series of blog posts, so feel free to share them with anyone if you think they are as effective as I think they are.

And if you don’t already follow me on Instagram (@aakash_tyagi) and Facebook (@AakashWrites), you are missing out. So do that, and share the love.

See y’all tomorrow with the first one.

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