Nothing ever grew

she spent her time
building walls
around her
beautiful garden,
never really
taking the time out
to water the
flowers, and
fruits, and
bushes and thorns.

and while she
sat there in her

she looked around her
and wondered

why nothing ever

21 thoughts on “Nothing ever grew

  1. Maybe those who came across the fence scared her to build a fortress and while she sat in her fortress she no longer cared about the flowers because she couldn’t smell the flowers.

    1. But isn’t that like never driving again when you got into an accident once? No matter, you gotta keep trying and keep your opportunities open because that’s only when the good things happen

      1. True. I think I’m just more on the optimistic side of opportunities and taking more chances, and shrugging off the bad stuff and keep moving

      2. Every person lives in a different timezone, I hope you find your road and chances some place else. I am seeking peace.

      3. Depends on the extent of damage
        If you lose your one leg the idea of accident is creepy and scary I would rather not look at a car again or even the road makes me vomit and send shivers. I want to go where there’s no road

  2. Beautiful..
    But walls are necessary too
    They stop those form walking all over the garden
    Who don’t care for it enough
    to break down the walls

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