8 thoughts on “why?

  1. Because many people are judgmental..and we want to be liked.. When we get older we understand that to be liked we need to be ourselves first and what matters is to be liked by the right ones.. Not just to be liked 🙂

  2. Because wearing a mask makes you feel less vulnerable. It makes you feel safe and ensures that no one will point out that flaw you know is there. So people, to avoid judgement, wear a mask and think they’re good to go. What they don’t know is that masks, too, break, and in the end, only our true selves are truly beautiful, even with the flaws. (Short but greatly written by the way)

      1. That’s true; but I’m thinking that it differs when knowing that you matter from considering yourself the only one who matters. You know the difference? It’s slight but rather important, because in my opinion, in this gap grows ego. And it’s not the loveliest of things.

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