You do this thing

I have most of
what I need
and a little of
what I want,
the respect
and admiration
of many
and gems of humanity
that dwarf
that of royalty.

I’ve worked harder
than most
to cross the boundaries
excel beyond them
and build bridges
for everyone around me
for I always believed
dependence is for
the weak.

because of you,
it’s all for nothing.

the rise and the fall
of my chest
when you are
near me.

I feel insecure,
like I actually care
about what you
think of me,
because I do.

It’s ridiculous,
but I do.

You do this thing
where you’ll ask me
a question
an opinion
or a thought
and be genuinely
interested in what
I’m thinking.

You make me
feel human.

Along the way
of knowing you,
many things have
for I’m not the person
who I was
and you’re still
the wanderer’s dream.

And I trust you.

I feel safe and
a little scared.

I’ve never
been in love,
I bet this
is it.


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