What I want

I want to be talked about. I want people to know my name. I want people I don’t know to Google me. I want my phone to vibrate every single minute with Twitter and Instagram notifications. I want to be listed in a list of people who matter. In a publication like Times. I want people to dream of becoming me. I want to make people laugh. And I want to inspire them too. I want to be rich, but not too rich. Just enough to know the first name of the person who handles my account. I want to be able to make it to trending topics every time I have lunch at a normal restaurant. I want to be invited to write for famous magazines and give commencement addresses. I want to be sent free shit in the mail. I want the funny and the creatives with blue ticks next to their names to invite me to their private parties. We’ll sing and dance together. I want Manchester United to be my family business. I want to dab and celebrate with my players when we score. I want a balcony. I want a court-side seat to a sport I’m not interested in. But, most of all, I want you.

16 thoughts on “What I want

      1. I doubt that.. 😉

        You could want all and much more.. But need just what’s mentioned in the last line and few others.. 😉

        If not, you either need a reality check or I need to update my empty list of achiever of dreams.. 😉 (I’m more eager in updating my list.. 😉 ) Please do update.. 🙂

      2. Haha no you’re right. What I need is probably what’s mentioned in the last line, and food. I love food too much to not need it. But I’d love to know what’s on your list!

      3. That’s easy.. 😉
        The basics of living – food, clothing, shelter and abundance of love, laughter and compassion for the others.. 🙂
        (And to be honest, at least my mobile, power to charge and net to connect.. 😛 )

      4. I wish it was easy. But then again, if it’s easy, it isn’t that much fun 😉
        And yes, internet is a necessity. I probably need that too.

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